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Training and support

Library and database workshop opportunities. Some are already offered in the English language, while others are available in English upon request.

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All in-person events at the Charité Medical Library are cancelled until further notice.

The online learning offers are of course still available.


Workshop: Introduction to search literature with PubMed (de)

We show you:

  • how to search most effectively in the premier medical bibliographic database MEDLINE, through the search interface PubMed.
  • how to find print and electronic books, journals, and journal articles in the Library Portal Primo.
  • which other subject specific databases there are (for instance LIVIVO, Web of Science, CINAHL, Cochrane, Embase), and what their strengths are.
  • how to reach the full text from your search results.
  • how to save search results and export them into reference management tools.

In English upon request. In German, twice a month. See the latest dates in our events calendar.

Workshop: How to Publish Open Access Journal Articles (de, en)

The Medical Library is offering workshops on Open Access in the English language or in German. Current dates are to be found in the calendar of events.

Aimed at: The workshop is suitable for both scientists and students at the Charité.

Contents: Besides the fundamentals of Open Access, this workshop also offers hands on exercises at PCs. Participants will get to know important phrases, data sources and tools that help when choosing a journal for publication.

The workshop covers:

  • Different options when publishing Open Access: the green and gold routes
  • Expectations from publishers and funders, including:
    - Versions: Pre-print, Post-print, Publisher pdf
    - Embargos
    - Creative Commons Licenses
  •  Article Processing Charges or fees from the publisher and how to negotiate over these
  •  Funding through the Charité OA Publication fund
  •  Selection of a suitable OA repository for archiving.

Workshop leaders

Jenny Delasalle worked for fifteen years in research support roles at various British libraries. At her last employer, the University of Warwick, she was the founding manager of the institutional repository and established one of England’s first Open Access publication funds. More recently, she freelanced for universities, publishers and software providers and she joined the Open Access Team of the Medical Library in January 2018.

Steffi Grimm is subject librarian for Open Access and electronic publishing and leads the Open Access Team at the Charité Medical Library. Before this she worked in the Open Access Team at TU Berlin with responsibility for Gold Open Access and publication fund issues. She holds an MA in Library and information science from Humboldt University of Berlin.

Workshop: Open Data (de, en)

The BIH QUEST Center, in cooperation with the Medical Library, is offering workshops on open data, in the English language or in German. Current dates are to be found in the calendar of events.

Aimed at: The workshop is suitable for both scientists and students at the Charité and the BIH.

Contents: This three-hour workshop provides an overview of the free availability of data (open data) and includes practical exercises on the PC. The workshop will answer the following questions:

  • What is open data and why is it important to share data?
  • How do I choose a suitable repository for archiving?
  • How do I ensure that my data is easy to find and accessible?
  • How do I ensure that my data are also re-usable in the long term?
  • How can I consider privacy aspects?
  • How do I search for useful data sets and how do I quote them?

Speaker: Dr. Evgeny Bobrov is a consultant for open data and research data management at the QUEST Center of the Berlin Institute of Health. He advises on the provision of biomedical data and is an advocate for open data. Previously, he was a brain researcher and then a laboratory manager at the Charité, and so has first-hand knowledge of research practice, including about the obstacles that sometimes hinder data sharing.

MedBib Compact – Introduction to the Library (de)

Course in  German

The 45-minute course "MedBib compact - Introduction to Library" presents the library, its website, registration and lending, on-site holdings and digital holdings as well as the library catalogue Primo. Afterwards there will be a short guided tour through the library.

Please bring your own laptop with you so that you can take part in the research exercise. Eduroam and guest WiFi access are available. It is also possible to work on your own research questions.

Target group: The course is aimed at all those who would like more detailed information about services from the Charité Medical Library .

Book an appointment

If you would like to participate as a group (5-20 participants), you can also make a separate appointment with us. In this case, please contact


Online Learning

Cochrane Interactive Learning: Conducting an Intervention Review (en)

Online introductory course on systematic reviews, from Cochrane is available campus-wide.

Systematic reviews are a critical tool to translate the exponentially growing amount of published and unpublished biomedical evidence into a transparent synthesis of knowledge for clinical practice and research.

Important aspects of systematic reviews are increasingly often already taught and practiced through courses. The Charité Medical Library has therefore licensed the modular online course Cochrance Interactive Learning.

The Charité is now the first institution in Germany with a campus-wide access to this online course. Students (and anyone else who writes, reads, or commissions systematic reviews) have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with PICOS, systematic search, risk of bias, meta analysis, GRADE, and the entire process of systematic review via flexible self-study.

The registration process is simple. You register with your Charité e-mail address. Afterwards, you can use the product anytime and from anywhere.

First you have to register with Cochrane. Enter your name and your e-mail address. Subsequently, a link will be sent to your e-mail address where you complete the registration process.

Next go to Cochrane Interactive Learning. In Module 2, click "Register here for access". If you are in the Charité network, institutional access will be recognized. You must accept the terms and conditions and then register for free.

As a doctoral course, you can earn up to 1.3 credit points for completing the modules through the doctoral program. (More information about Cochrane Interactive Learning as a PhD course can be found on the intranet.)

If you have problems accessing Cochrane Interactive Learning then please contact:

If you have questions about Cochrane Interactive Learning then please contact:

+49 30 450 576 304

Other offers

The library offers introductions and library tours for groups in their first semester.
We also offer training on special databases and topics for interested groups. Simply make an appointment with us!

Free training courses on the use of EndNote and other literature management programs are also available: