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Library user regulations & fees

By using the library, you accept both the Library user regulations and fees of the Charité Medical Library. The current version of the regulations, dated 1st Nov 2017, covers the fees listed here.

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[Avoidable] Fines (§1 (2))

  • 1. Overdue notice   2.00 Euro per item
  • 2. Overdue notice   5.00 Euro per item
  • 3. Overdue notice 10.00 Euro per item

Formal Overdue notice (§ 1 (4))

If the payment is not made after the third overdue notice, a legal claim will be issued. The fee for the issue of the legal claim is 20 Euro.

Interlibrary loan fees (§6)

Students pay a fee of 1.50 Euro for every successful job (per volume / per article) ordered from within the German scheme.

External users pay the flat rate fee for each order placed through the scheme.

Lost ID card (§3)

Library users have a duty to keep their address details up to date and to report the loss of an ID card immediately.

Failure to do this will result in disadvantages for the user.

  • Fee for issuing a replacement ID card: 5.00 Euro

Purchase of replacement copies

  • Users must immediately replace borrowed items which are lost or severely damaged with the same or newer editions.
  • When replacing items, please pay attention to the year of publication. Please consult with our acquisitions team about items that are more than 5 years old. Contact person: Kristin Exner Tel.: 450 576 153
    • If suitable replacement is not possible, damages are to be paid in accordance with statutory provisions, or else an equivalent work designated by the library must be provided.
    • If a user does not replace an item, then the library will procure a replacement and charge the cost to the user.
    • For procuring a replacement item, the library will charge an additional fee of 20.00 Euro, according to paragraph 2, no. 2 of the Fees regulations appendix.

Paying fees

It is possible to pay fees in cash (no credit cards accepted) at all of the Medical Library site libraries.

For payment transfer (remittance), please use the following details on the remittance form:

Recipient/Empfänger: Freie Universität Berlin
IBAN: DE67 1007 0848 0513 1289 00
Reference/Verwendungszweck: 011/58 + User ID number

N.B. The reference details are crucial: without this, your account cannot be credited with the fee transfer!