How to publish a dissertation or habilitation thesis

In accordance with valid doctoral and habilitation degree regulations, (Promotionsordnung) - (Regelung zur Habilitationsordnung) doctoral and habilitation candidates at the Charité are required to publish an electronic version of their work on the document server of the Freie Universität to ensure free internet access for non-commercial purposes. The work will then be permanently archived on the servers of the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) (Frankfurt/M. - Leipzig) and the German National Library of Medicine (ZB MED) (Cologne).

Furthermore, one print copy of the dissertation or habilitation thesis is to be provided to the Medical Library free of charge.

For more information regarding this procedure and for answers to questions arising in association with the publication and submission of an electronic dissertation or habilitation thesis, please click on either of the following two links Dissertations and Habilitation theses.

If you require additional personal advice or any other support please feel free to contact the staff of the Dissertations Department (Hochschulschriftenstelle, HSS) of the Medical Library:

Marion Kohl | t: +49 30 450 576 191
Jörg Müller | t: +49 30 450 576 165
Gabriela Bökemeyer-Jäschke | t: +49 30 450 576 157

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