The Charité Medical Library has concluded an agreement with  MDPI to cover the payment of publication fees. It includes

  • 10% off the publication fees and
  • upon fulfillment of all funding conditions, invoice processing by the Medical Library.

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The publication process for authors:

  • As corresponding or submitting author, you send your manuscript to the journal as usual. Please declare your affiliation to CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin (via drop-down menu).
  • In a pop-up window you will see the funding conditions of the Charité Publication Fund: indicate whether these are fulfilled for your article.
  • The Medical Library will be informed about the funding eligibility of your article, and will then take care of the invoice.
  • Besides publication in the respective journal, articles financed by the Charité Publication Fund will also be made available and archived in the Charité Open Access Repository.