Karger Open Access Journals

Members of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin are entitled to a 50% reduction on Article Processing Charges (APCs) in Karger Open Access Journals. This option is made available to members of the Charité through participation of the Medical Library in an interregional consortium arrangement for an E-Journals subscription package, which includes negotiation for open access rights.

In order to receive the discount Charité authors should refer to their discount claim and membership of the Charité at the article submission stage. (For new open access journals at Karger, there is usually no APC in the first year after launching.)

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The agreement does not cover the costs of publication through the Charité Publication Fund. Provided that your publication meets the funding conditions, submit a request for reimbursement by the publication fund or contact us via publikationsfonds(at)charite.de for further details.

Besides publication in the respective journal, articles financed by the Charité Publication Fund will also be made available and archived in the  Charité Open Access Repository.