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Electronic publishing

By uploading his/her dissertation to the the Charité Open Access Repository, which is a part of the institutional repository at the FU Berlin (Refubium), the doctoral candidate confers the right to the Medical Library of the Charité to publish the work on several data networks for non-commercial use. We kindly request that you upload the electronic version of your dissertation to the FU server as soon as possible after being notified of a successful doctoral thesis examination by the Office for Graduate and Postgraduate Studies in order to allow sufficient time for the Dissertations Department  to process your submission.

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1. The electronic file

  • The electronic version of the thesis must be presented in PDF format as a single file without special security settings (i.e. not password protected).
  • Select a short, easily-recognizable file name (without spaces, special characters or umlauts - e.g. diss_m.mueller), inasmuch as the file name will be a component of the title of the subsequent internet link.
  • In the affidavit, the topic must correspond exactly to the title on the cover sheet.
  • Please do not scan in any signatures.
  • No curriculum vitae are to be included in electronic dissertations for reasons of confidentiality. Although included in the table of contents, this reference should be replaced by the following annotation: "My curriculum vitae does not appear in the electronic version of my paper for reasons of data protection."
  • Please note that after removing the pages bearing the curriculum vitae, the remaining page numbers and page breaks must be identical in both the electronic and print versions to ensure the correct citability of both documents.

2. Publication-based dissertations

  • In the electronic versions of so-called publication-based dissertations, the journal articles on which the doctoral thesis is to be based may be published as full text only, if you are in the possession of the publisher's approval or if they have appeared in an open access journal. A list of the currently valid regulations relevant to the various publishers is available in the Sherpa/Romeo List. To rule out any possible misunderstanding, however, it is advised that candidates contact publishers directly and obtain their written approval.
  • Assign consecutive page numbers in published documents whenever possible.
  • Any excluded articles are to be replaced with source references and a DOI link (complete URL must be given: '' ... ). When formatting the thesis, please leave gaps in accordance with the page count or leave the pertinent pages in your thesis empty.

3. Creating an account

Refubium - the repository of Freie Universität Berlin also functions as an open access repository for the Charité. For the publication of dissertations and habilitation theses, a prior registration is required. Please open an account with your contact details, navigate to the collection of Charité dissertations, “Dissertationen Charité” and start publishing your work.

Refubium, repository of FU Berlin

4. Metadata

Supplementary details of the dissertation are entered in a form where mandatory fields are highlighted in bold. It is advisable to prepare longer texts beforehand and insert them into the form by copying and pasting, since the system will stop working after 30 minutes: it logs out automatically.

  • In addition to your name and the title of the thesis, reviewers’ and examiners’ names are requested. If you do not know the names of the reviewers, enter N.N. instead.
  • Freely selectable keywords should be given in the English language.
  • Please add a summary in the original language (German or English) and open a new field with the + sign to add an abstract in the alternative language.
  • For DDC classification please select 610 (Medicine and Health) via the menu.
  • Under the Terms of Use/Rights, you can choose to publish your work under the terms of the FU Berlin or to place it under a special Creative Commons license.
  • Information about CC licenses can be found here.
  • In the field "Disputation Day", Charité PhD candidates must indicate the date of the award ceremony.

5. File upload; publishing agreement

In the following steps you transfer the PDF file from your own computer to the repository server. If necessary you can correct your metadata, then finally you agree to the conditions for publishing on the repository.

6. Checking the metadata and the electronic version

The Dissertations Department (Hochschulschriftenstelle) of the Medical Library checks the metadata and PDF file for legibility, completeness and proper adherence to the requirements. Upon successful completion, the doctoral candidate will receive the corresponding notification per e-mail and he/she will be requested to then submit the print copy.

Further informations

On its website, the FU Berlin provides detailed informations for authors.