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How to submit a dissertation

Upon completion of the doctoral procedure, the candidate must:
1. publish his/her dissertation in the form of an electronic version through the Charité Open Access Repository, which is a part of the institutional repository at the FU Berlin (Refubium).
2. submit a complete original version in print form.

Information on the various doctoral procedures and doctoral degree regulations can be found by clicking Office for Graduate and Postgraduate Studies (Promotionsbüro) page.

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1. Publishing your thesis through the Freie Universität Berlin Repository

The doctoral degree regulations of the Faculty of Medicine of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin form the legal bases for the submission of all dissertations to the Medical Library of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.
Information on how to publish papers on the Freie Universität Berlin Repository is provided below on the page entitled How to publish a dissertation.

2. The Medical Library of the Charité reviews the submitted versions

The Medical Library of the Charité reviews the submitted versions with respect to legibility and proper adherence to the requirements and then confirms receipt vis-a-vis the Office for Graduate and Postgraduate Studies. After the author has dispatched or delivered the dissertation, he/she will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.
If after submitting the print copy it is determined that the print and electronic versions differ from each other ─  except for content removed due to data protection or copyright restrictions ─ the Medical Library reserves the right to revoke its previously issued acknowledgment of receipt of the submitted dissertation vis-a-vis the Office for Graduate and Postgraduate Studies, until such time as an electronic version is submitted that is identical to the print version. The doctoral candidate will be immediately informed in writing in case of any such revocation.

3. Requirements pertaining to the print copy

  • Upon completion of the review of the electronic version, the doctoral candidate will be duly notified by e-mail and then requested to submit the print copy.
  • The permitted page formats are DIN A4 and A5. Printing on both sides and in black-and-white are permitted.
  • A sturdy cover of professional book-binding quality is required. Soft plastic or cardboard bindings, spiral bindings or similar will not be accepted. 'Hardcover' grade bindings that comply with the pertinent requirements are generally available from most professional copy shops. The color of the cover is freely selectable, external imprints are allowed.
  • The doctorate date (= date the degree is to be conferred) must be noted on the title page and a curriculum vitae must be provided. In case of a paper-based thesis, the original article/s are to be submitted as fulltext.
  • Please do not sign the print copy of the thesis.

Commercial published dissertation thesis

As regards dissertations to be published in book form, one copy of the book version is to be supplied to the Medical Library of the Charité. An electronic version does not need to be submitted if the publisher does not consent to the publication of the work on the servers of the Freie Universität Berlin, the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) and the German National Library of Medicine (ZB MED).