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DynaMed: Trial access for 3 months - alternative to UpToDate?

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For the evidence-based point-of-care tool DynaMed from the provider Ebsco, a campus-wide test access (access via is now available for three months (until 31.8.2021).

Please take advantage of this testing opportunity and evaluate the database, especially in comparison with UpToDate, as the license to use UpToDate expires in the summer and renewal is still uncertain. Please be sure to let us know your assessments:

For DynaMed, more than 500 renowned journals as well as publications from 100 professional societies are screened in a strictly evidence-based editorial process. Among other things, more than 20,000 clinical practice guidelines are included in the database.

Renowned institutions such as the Karolinska Institutet, Johns Hopkins and Harvard University have licensed DynaMed.

More information from the vendor:

The medical reference database contains the most up-to-date content on disease patterns, drugs, and treatment recommendations, as well as numerous image illustrations.

Comprised of thousands of clinically organized topics, the content is authored by a world-class team of physicians and researchers who synthesize research findings and evidence and provide objective analysis. Topics in DynaMed are always based on clinical evidence and never solely on the author's experience or opinion. Each article considered for inclusion in DynaMed is prepared according to reliable and traceable editorial processes. DynaMed follows a strict evidence-based methodology, ensuring that evidence is presented clearly and without bias and that there are no conflicts of interest.

DynaMed offers a completely revamped user experience with refined search technology and easy integration into clinical workflows. This makes it even easier and faster to find the content you need. Key evidence reviews, summaries, and recommendations are brought more to the forefront, giving busy clinicians clear, concise, and practice-oriented information instantly. Depending on their specialty and area of expertise, users* can have the latest evidence on specific topics emailed to them as an alert.

DynaMed supports continuing medical education and training, enabling physicians to stay up to date with the latest medical research with little time and expense.



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