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Complete Anatomy learning platform licensed in 2021

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Figure shows a skull, including cervical spine with the lymphatic system.
Explore the intricate structures of the lymphatic system, including lymphatic vessels, nodes and organs.

The Complete Anatomy learning platform is initially available for the Charité for the year 2021. It offers interactive anatomy courses with digital3D models of the body.

The centre of "Complete Anatomy" is an interactive anatomy atlas, which allows you to isolate individual body regions. Views of the body can be customized by selecting one or more of twelve body systems such as muscles, bones or nerves. The anatomical model can be displayed on a flat real surface using the augmented reality mode.

"Complete Anatomy" runs on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and on notebooks and PCs (Windows and macOS).

There are several access options. To register, please follow the instructions of the PDF documents. In addition, there is an Educator License for instructors. Please contact us if you are interested in this license.




Complete Anatomy help page with tutorials and webinars

Product review in Journal of the Medical Library Association


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