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Caution, Rip-Off! How to recognize and avoid predatory journals. (DE)

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Event for expert public only

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Aimed at: The workshop is aimed at authors and anyone interested in the publishing landscape.

Content:  Predatory journals publish articles and charge publication fees without ensuring adequate quality assurance procedures (peer review). Moreover, articles in predatory journals are often not indexed in the relevant subject databases, thus remaining hidden from the community and infrequently cited. The recent report of the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) 'Combatting Predatory Academic Journals and Conferences'  reveals that more than 15,000 predatory journals exist, and the number is increasing.

The broad spectrum of behavior in predatory journals ranges from questionable and unethical to truly fraudulent practices. As methods become more sophisticated, it is increasingly difficult to identify predatory journals.

We will show you in our workshop how to spot predatory practices before submitting your manuscript.

Were / are you unsure about how reputable a particular journal is? Please bring those examples to the workshop and we will look at them together!

Workshop content:

  • Basics of quality assurance for scientific publications
  • Predatory publishing: definition, extent and consequences for all stakeholders involved
  • Procedure and tools to distinguish serious from unethical journals
  • What to do if you have submitted to a predatory journal
  • Examples and practical exercise on how to recognize predatory journals

Language: German

Organizational and administrative matters


Since the beginning of June 2021, Dr. Christine Mieck has been working in the Medical Library on the BUA project "Distributed Network for Publishing Services (DNPS)". With her experience as Associate Editor at Scientific Reports and Senior Editor at Nature Communications, she is ideally suited to advise Charité authors on their publishing opportunities.

Event organizer

Medizinische Bibliothek


10:00 to 11:00


Online via Microsoft Teams: Registered participants will receive a link.



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