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Access to electronic resources

Members of the Charité can access the electronic journals, e-books and databases from PCs and notebooks as well as from smartphones and tablets, independent of location and time.

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On Campus Access

Charité Network

Charité computers with a cable-based Internet connection provide full access from all campuses to the electronic resources such as journals, e-books, databases and online learning services of the Medical Library. Non-members of the Charité can use library computers as so-called walk in users.

eduroam WLAN

Using the Charité WLAN eduroam, Charité members can also access the electronic resources of the Medical Library with mobile devices and notebooks.

If you use an eduroam network of another institution, you will not have access to the licensed electronic resources. Due to the close proximity to Humboldt University Berlin facilities, it is possible that your mobile device or laptop may dial into Humboldt University's eduroam on Campus Charité Mitte. In this case you will not be able to access the licensed resources.

Off Campus Access

Members of the Charité can also access the electronic resources outside the Charité network (off campus).


The Charité uses OpenVPN to enable access to the Charité network from outside. Via VPN you can use all electronic resources of the Medical Library.

If you are unable to access the electronic resources even though VPN is activated, the proxies in your browser may not be set correctly. Please test your VPN access and consult the proxy user guide if necessary.

The use of VPN on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones is not possible because operating systems such as iOS, Android etc. are not supported.


Via Shibboleth you can authenticate yourself as a member of the Charité with your Charité registration data at various publishers and database providers.

Access via Shibboleth works on mobile devices as well as on PCs and notebooks. In case of access problems it may help to try another browser.

The following resources are currently accessible via Shibboleth:

Journal app BrowZine

BrowZine is an app and website that allows you to use the licensed journals of the Charité.

For mobile devices there is an app that allows you to access journals outside the Charité network.